Cry Goat

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This is my Salad Fingers/Tim Burton Tribute thing.



it was alright the voice acting was good.....but the way the mouths moved in the actual animation itself werent very good.....some bits of the film had really good animation but other bit were really amature....the sound was good......with sum lame comedy but still really funny(cos its supposed to be lame eg "oh no the goat is stabbing me") over all a pretty good short film........... a HIGH 6...

"ooooh your stabbing me"

That's a crazy funny little goatie huh. Well- the sound was really good this time (voices I mean) and the animation wasn't bad either. Pretty cute. Good Job,



Nicely done.

Boosterthrooster can go suck a dead camel's ass.

That said and done, this artist knows Flash better than I do. Tis a sad fact that there are a lot of morons who submit crap to the NG portal, this is anything but 'crap'.
Goat is a marvellous piece of morbid flash. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, the sick and twisted looking goat was rather nicely done, as was the rest of the graphics. You have a really nice drawing style, you should indeed develop it further. The only thing I am going to critique is the sound. I know not all of us have flashy sound recording booths and you probably recorded all the voices via a microphone plugged up to the compy, which is acceptable. But the stock sound effects were a little dissapointing. I generally encourage people to slink away from those sound effects, they're so unnatural, they just stand out yukkily.

Overall, this was a nice effort though. Worthy of its place amongst the Salad Fingers catagory indeed. Give yourself a pat on the back, well deserved. Good job, I clicked 5. ^_~


Decent....not enough story tho.

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I like it meng

Very good, funny and the graphics were pleasantly gritty and disturbing.

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3.90 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2004
11:40 PM EST