Cry Goat

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This is my Salad Fingers/Tim Burton Tribute thing.


Good, but........

WHY THE FUCK DID YOU MAKE THOSE STABBING SCENES OFF-SCREEN!? I pesonally think off-screen killings are lame. Great flash, other than that shit.

Gi-go responds:

Well I personally dont give a fuck.


That was reasonably good bu just one question, WHAT THE BLOODY HELL HAS IT GO TO DO WITH SALAD FINGERS?

Gi-go responds:


why the hell is that under salad fingers?

Ok Im sure iv got alot more important people to isult today so lets get this done fast. CRAPY GRAPHICS CRAPY TIMING CRAPY STORY NOT BLOODY VIOLENT ENOUGH AND NO HUMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This had nothing to do with SF so how the hell did it get into the series. I have more violent sickening thoughts every fricken day.
Never go near, create, or even talk about flash ever again in ur whole fricken life.
with that said i must go now.

Gi-go responds:

Why do you have to go? Your mom has to use the computer?

Who the fuck are you to say that shit? I wasnt tryint to make anything incredibly violent. Stop fucking around, you cant even spell, you don't live in tokyo. You ARENT an animator, so stop pissing us real animators off by calling yourself one.

You are just some pale fat 12 year old who lives with his parents and is pissed off at people like me because your shitty stick movies get blammed.

Fuck you.

that was a waste of my time

I like different things but that was just stupid

The demented goat from hell

Um... What's with that? WTF? The goat is like green, and...um... evil... and slightly gay. I mean, you could tell he favored guys because he killed the man last. He was like "Ah! A woman! Kill her!" And then he saw the guy and he was like "ooh... dirty." But then he saw the guy didn't like him, so he killed him. Then he ran off and married Donald Trump. THE END

Gi-go responds:

Ah, Well... At least you arent a dumbass right?

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3.90 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2004
11:40 PM EST