Mario Twins (official)

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If you don't like this I don't care. If you do, that's cool. If you email me, I probably won't respond. Either way, buy the Group X CD from www.groupxarab.com because they kick ass. I did NOT make the sound, Group X did. They deserve all of the credit for this movie except the animation. I'm not endorsed by Group X either. This was a fan project. OK? Oh yeah, did I mention to visit www.groupxarab.com?



I can give praise to the one who deserves the credit. Even though it's the song I like so much, the cartoon fits with it very well. I do agree with the author when he says he ran out of funny half way through, but I'd still love to see a new and improved completed version. I would like to know where to find the whole song, it's not on Group X's site.


If you spend hours on the NES like i did...

you'll love it... very nostalgic. the toilet scene was kind of... uhm.... out of place? but when the crap landed on the cats head, i couldn't help but laugh with the guy that was singing... the drums weren't bad either....

overall, a great effort for a 1st portal entry, but i hope you realize that work could be done :)


I have to admit, this game was pretty dumb. Only watch this if you are a Mario fan or a clinicly depressed fecophilliac. Seriously folks, this game had me bored while the dumb shit brothers were contemplating playing the f*cking game! Horribly boring. Although some slack should be givin to LuigiPlaysBass cuz this is his first submission. To the maker of this game: Only Mario dipshits would really want to watch this game that someone can play themselves and ENJOY it themselves. Keep working on it, though.

Kick Ass ( Dago is a Retard)

#1: the Video ROcks as Always, and its good that this is inally up by the origional( yes i know the guy and he is the person who made it)(
#2 dago you are a retard, read what the person says dumb ass.


greatest thing on earth.

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4.06 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2001
1:21 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature June 14, 2001