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DW0: episode 2

rated 3.18 / 5 stars
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Dec 22, 2004 | 6:01 PM EST

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Author Comments

im a newbie in newgrounds but im learning a lot in flash desingn



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


the story is weird but it has a good sprite animation...
Keep up the good work!


Rated 3 / 5 stars


You're not bad at srpite flash, not bad at all, but the 6 for graphics is for what you drew yourself, which isn't all that special. English obviously isn't your best point, but then again, it's acceptable (but better is possible, I'm Dutch, I never get to see anything englisch on TV, EVERYTHING gets synchronized with dutch voice:D). I've seen worse. What did bother me, though, was that I had to press play each time a, by the way strange, speech balloon appeared. And when I'm at it, the story sucks donkey balls too. It's not original, and quite dumb too. Just a summary: Link (or is it? Since when is link able to do DBZ tricks?) walks over a bridge, the bridge explodes and a little while later you see some soldiers. Next up, a overview of Hyrule, Link climbs out of the river he fell in (and some wierd way he exactly knows who blew up the (im the meanwhile mysteriously fixed) bridge and where they are) and goes into the castle, goes DBZ on a guard, but gets beaten up by a wizard (Ganon, if I emember correctly) and gets picked up by guards, is brought to the wizard, gets killed, gets thrown into a grave(WTF?! One of your enemies died and instead of setting an example (hanging his lifeless body) you give him a burial, people that you like usually get) then a fairy saves him, and he kills the fairy (Gee, thanks for saving my life! Oh, and by the way, DIE, innocent helper (RETARD)) then he finds a bag (YAY!!!! A BAG!!! USEFUL AND USED MUCH!) and gets out of the grave, goes through a desert, gets attacked often (....) and enters a wieeeerd tomb/temple with a inscription of a fucking DICK?! Then he enters this tomb, enters a Megaman X3 (I think) stage and kills wizard shadowy things. Then he encounters Megaman X himself (In a Zelda game setting, which usually takes place BEFORE 21XX) goes into combat, does some DBZ (again...) and eventually Megaman X gets his armor, then something that reminds me of a certain DBZ attack (Kamehameha) and gets killed in something that looks a lot like Links Whirl attack. Oh, and dont forget THE RETARDED BADLY DRAWN DICK APPEARING AT THE END! Like the toothpaste on a retard pie. If this story wouldn't appear to anyone as strange, humanity has certainly fallen from the state of the brain-having.
And this concludes my ongoing ranting about the retard storyboard of a above-average movie by a above-average moviecreator, which screwed his movie up the ass by applying this wonderful story. Most people will now see me as lifeless, screw them.
Have a nice day.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

nicely done

love it :D it gave me a idea for a movie im wanting to make i just need to figure out what programs i need to make the video and how to do it XD


Rated 5 / 5 stars


It was a bit long for my tastes, but it was good. I like how everything was put together nicely. You can't call yourself an amature anymore, you are now a grand master of sprite flashes. This was very good, and I hope you continue it soon. The megaman background was very cool, so was the fight with megaman. I like how you used your own moves, very creative. I hop you make your next sprite flash soon, can't wait for the next one.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very impressive.

That was one of the best flashes i've seen for a Long time.

You say your still a newbie?Well,consider yourself Pro now.
I hope to see more episodes of this in the near future.Keep up the awesome work.

Oh,I liked the music in it too.The ff2 ( ff4 ) nusic.