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Lina the VAMPIRE Ep. 01

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Last year, I made this cartoon for my mother and about my mother for last Christmas. It's a short action-packed satire on her blood collection job. I didn't post it last year for many reasons:

1. This was originally not made or intended for Newgrounds. This was a personal cartoon made for a member of my family, and out of respect for them, I did not want to immediately make their cartoon just another showcased item for the general public.

2. Too many Matrix parodies last year anyways - and I know a lot of people were getting sick of those. I was going to do a Blade parody, but she didn't watch that movie.

3. You'd probably have to know my mom or understand the angst of collecting blood for insurance companies to get the joke. As you can see, I'm aiming at a large demographic.

4. After a while, I totally forgot about posting it up here anyways. I finally remembered when I was browsing Newgrounds a few minutes ago and figured "I have time." Apparently, my parents don't mind being put on Newgrounds anyway.

Anyways, a sequel is already in the works and I may post that up here too in a year's time. If I get a good response, I may post dad's last-year cartoon up here as well before this year/week is through. I'm not asking for big votes - just a little respect in the reviews, is all.

QUICK ANSWERS: I'm not ripping off any other than the first two Matrix movies. Anything else is a coincidence. Also, this is not my best animation effort, just an early one. And I forgot to credit "Final Fantasy VIII" for their drum roll music. Also, yes, that's Scrooge. And I made a cartoon because it's actually easier than shopping for her.

And Lina's pronounced "LEE-NAH."

And she's a VAMPIRE by abbreviation and because she takes blood. Not because she's a literal vampire. Read the thing at the beginning.

Well, back to work.



not bad, i really had a laugh when i saw scrooge duck pop in out of no where... the whole idea was pretty original too, even if it did rip off the matrix. keep it up

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Not bad

...some people consider blood technicians to be Vampires solely because they take blood from you...

The Matrix, oh how a movie let us all down after a good beginning...actually I didn't mind that scene being used in this context. It fits in well with the whole anti-needle feeling that so many people have that something would get to that level to avoid it.

A good job with the animation.

Not bad

I think it's cool that you made it for your mom. I also think it's a little bit cheesy, but hey, it wasn't horrible. Keep the good work up.


too much of a matrix rip off eaz up alittle ok?


ok, i'm sorry it was good....but the matrix thing, especialy from the first one is over done. and why was scrouge killed? what did he do! poor scrouge....

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4.07 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2004
5:53 PM EST
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