Frat Boys Ep.1

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This movie is based on an actual event involving a few of my friends. I want to make more movies based on similarily funny events. I live in a Fraternity, so there is an abundance of funny/disturbing stories to make into movies.

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Not tooooooo Bad

Well, I thought it had some funny parts. It was pretty funny towards the end. And the graphics weren't so bad, I noticed you've only had three movies under your belt so far, so for a newbie at movies, it was a pretty good job. I do need to say that the movie should have longer. But I liked it.

Sick and twisted in a funny way

This one made me chuckle. The voices were pretty good, i wanted to see more when it ended...perhaps make the next ones longer. The characters are nice as well. I kinda also want to see more animation..the characters looked stiff.....unless that is the look you are going for. Otherwise, nice job!

Hambino responds:

I hope to make the next one and put in up on NG within a few weeks, but we'll see. The first few episodes might be short for the purpose of introducing characters. An I plan to work o the graphics/animation. Thanks for the response.


When a group of frat boys get together, anything can happen Whether you get accused of making love to a shoe, or something less ridculus, it is interesting and original enough. The look of the characters are better than I would of expected, considering the file size. While they all look quite similar, the designs are all solid. Nice vocal talents, add some more lines and overall length theot the next entry, and you would easily have a good start to a potentially good series.


Hambino responds:

Thanks for the input Ryan. I am hoping that the series will shape up within the next few installments.

Great Laughs

I loved the voicing a little airy but still tasteful. Also the jokes were great not bad at all. A great thing to add to NG.

Hambino responds:

Thanks Stealing Rushmore. I need to figure out how to improve the audio. Hopefully the next episode will work out better.

HaHa, better than I thought...

You might want to work on the animation, but don't get me wrong: It's a lot better than 80% of teh shit that comes through here. It was just a bit slow moving, that's all. Kind of weirded out by the gerble, though . . . >.> <.<

Hambino responds:

Thanks yo. I hope the next episode will look a tad better. Thanks for the review.

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2.00 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2004
7:16 PM EST
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