A Creepy Christmas

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EDIT: Site changed to www.SplatterMania.com

Santa Claus and the elf are making weird toys that will drive insane all the kids over the world...
Soon, everyone will be brutally killed by this army of little psychotic killers.



Ok, reminds me (like so many others) of Salad Fingers, and good to see finally some more people are reviewing this. Yeah, and again, it was horrifying. And the 'reindeer' looked like something out of a survival horror game.

Liked it :D

I liked it! It was very creepy.......But it was very sick and disturbing when it showed what santa had on his slay...... EW!!!! That was freaking Disgusting lol Anyway good job.... Might have trouble sleeping :D

very good, but I had a lot of problems...

Firstly, nice work on the story and animation. The only problems I had with it were:
The voices totally SUCKED ASS
The file size was too big for something of this length
I'm getting really sick of your graphics! What you need to do is BEND somethings, like, arms aren't always meant to be straight! Also, you take yourself too seriously. This wasn't gory enough to be the sort of cartoon you would like it to be. Shape up, or ship out! No more mediochre work please!


It wasn't anything special, though i feel bad for the father.


It wasnt bad but its just...i really hate subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages: KILL THEM ALL, Red and black ziggzaggs, *Bloody christmas tree and face with bloody eyes and mouth*, And fuck load of stuff written backwards,More ziggzaggs,blablahblah. I dont have the patience to look closely just to see what some guy thought would be cool to put in his movie. Good movie stupid idea to put SMs. Very stupid!


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3.77 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2004
1:51 PM EST
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