My Health Project

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Thank you for playing my previous game!


liked the music

I liked the Mario music the best. It gave off that game show vibe.


This is really good for a health project. I'm seeing some potential in you that I haven't seen since James Farr's xombie.


You bloody basterd, i want that as my health project. How about i give you a cookie, and we call it a deal! Just kidding. This was amazing for a school project. How do you put so much effort into school??? I guess I will never know. Anyway KUTGW!!!!!

well, i'm just glad i knew most of these...

pretty good gameplay, it'll be a good thing to study off of before final exams...(damn, those are going to kill my grade in health)...

Some Problems

Some of the questions are poorly worded. There are also one or two questions that you might need to fix in order for this to work in a broader audience. For example, you have one set of answers with a bunch of acronyms. In this case you should include the full name with the acronym after.

I like the interfacing though and the game pushes along quite nicely. Still, I would maybe add an explanation after each correct answer is given. I mean, if its supposed to be instructional, it might as well instruct. For example THC and 12 hours. Does it stay in the system for longer or shorter? I know longer, but anyone who just answered "False" is no better off in terms of learning.

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3.68 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2004
8:40 PM EST
Puzzles - Quiz