Santa's Merry Christmas

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First Merry Chritmas to everyone!!! (in advance)

This is our first Christmas Music video. It is small in size and short and funny. I hope you like it.

Thank you

please review, i might make a better one.

Happy newyear!!! (in advance)

and don't forget to play or watch my other flash as well ;) thank you


could have done better

it could have, been but the randomness of the ending gave me a giggle so thanks for the laugh.

Wonderer responds:

you are welcome, but there is an updated version of this video. however the one you saw is the old one unfortunatly

Um. no

That was just stupid. Sub par graphics, and a lame punchline. So, you get a short review :/

Wonderer responds:

yes no

sbermeister - see my profile

Short and sweet. And hilarious!!! I loved it!

Wonderer responds:

thanks a lot


the graphics and all werent too bad and neither was the sound but all in all there wasnt much to it or as a mater of fact a point at all other than to just say merry christmas but i guess if you spent more time you could do way beter.

Wonderer responds:

yes piece of crap isn't it lol

Yes it was short

As others have said the graphics need some work. The trees look flat. The animation wasn't to bad. The ending seemed a little rough. Santa hits something zoom out end. almost missed it was a ship. Not bad.

Wonderer responds:

um..... yes you are right we are using flat screen lol

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2.78 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2004
11:20 AM EST
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