LittlBits Holiday Special

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The Littl' Bits inadvertantly stop the Spirit of Christmas from making another stupid holiday cartoon!

The Littl' Bits was a childrens cartoon shown on Nick Jr. in the early 90's, and I decided to make a holiday movie about them.

Much thanks to Shawna Miranda and the Office of Foothill Forest for helping me with reference images.



Wow, good memory. I remember this show when I was like five years old but just barely. LOL funny stuff making it adult humored and calling the santa looking ghost a perverted pediphile.


ROTFLMAO!!! Well done.

Truely Exelent

This Is One Of The Best Movies Ive Seen In A Long time, It was funny, Had A Point And Was So Incredibly True, U Missed the Point That Holidays (Which Has Been Slurred Over The Years) Derives From The Word Halow Meening Holy, So By Calling It The Holidays your Just Bieng Tricked Into Praising Jebus and christianity, Christianity Is In Ur Face Like That.
Allthough Halloween Does Apply To all People And U Get Free Candy Its Not that Its Been ruined By comersialism, Its that Its Been Ridiculed By It, Where As Chrismas Has Been Embraced For Its Comersialism. So If Thier Going To Start Making People Call Chrismas trees "Holiday Trees" I Think they Should Make Every1 Call Halloween Candy Hallow Eve Candy And Make People Stop Dressing Up And All that Other BS. People Should Not Be Able to Dress Up as Witches, Harry Potter and every1 Who Played In That Movie Should Be Killed Very Fast, All Harry Potter Books Whould Be burned And Then Finaly MAYBE People Will See That Withc Meen Wise Woman And Not Black Point Hat Hag, The Pointy Hat Came From Pilgram Rumors Hundreds Of years Ago, I Wish People Wold Just Sop.
In Conc. Good Movie, ever so True , 9/10

Funny And Original

The only reason I didn't give you a 10 is because in some parts the voices were somewhat unclear. Besides that, a great flash.

Good stuff...

I found this cartoon pretty entertaining, especially since I used to watch the Littl' Bits cartoon way back when.

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3.79 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2004
2:17 AM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature December 21, 2004