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I never got enough artists to submit me their stuff so here is what i was sent and what i made a long time ago. See there you have it....ill make a 4th episode if people actually suport it.


((( COOL )))

Well notbad, this was funny, i like it for all the activity and style, but mostly the activity for the different flash, and great work on audio with this was very good, so notbad at all, hope to see more soon...


I thought that was hilarious

nice job.... very funny

You're right, it is cheap.

Wow the title really does suit this flash!
Because like it suggests this really is a cheap piece of flash, and I really thought my eyes were going to bleed when watching.
The whole thing had a very rushed feeling to it and a lame effect, it really shows that you were trying to hard to be funny with this but just didn't succeed at all. The collection of cheap movies doesn't do it any justice either, why make lots of crud movies rather than one good one? I don't want to see one of these bad movies, let alone TWO of them!

You have just been reviewed by

Dont submit-

Dont submit unless you have sometihng good to submit. Every aspect sucked. Im sorry, but you shouldnt have wasted newgrounds space. Although it is better than half of the shit on here, the point is.
Dont SUBMIT unless you have something worth it!

if i could...

if i could ever turn back time to watch this movie one more time i would probably bleed out my ears and eyes of boredom. if you ever touch flash ever again so help you god i find a way to get to you, and cut you... from your stomach.... to your eyes.

ps. keep up the good work.. asshole.

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2.62 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2004
3:59 PM EST
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