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Christmas Countdown 18th

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hahahaha the countdown continues!! Merry christmas newgrounds!!

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I guess this was slightly better. There just still wasn't much going on. I didn't see anything that funny or anything. I realize your animation style could be better. It's still unique, I suppose. Was this guy supposed to be a pedophile?

I assume everyone is nowadays. I guess it was unpredictable. You need to have more going on. You've made much better stuff. This had little going for it.


whats the freak'n point of this!?

Projectile Vomit

Aaauuggh!! That has to be the worst flash I've ever seen! I think I'm going to have to give it a 10! Bang-up job mate!


This is so... so... innecesary. I didnĀ“t understand it =S


alrighty then.... that was crap... utter crap... next time make it so you cna understand the kids cause all i heard was nonstop high pitched squeeling