The Death of _Luis_

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1: I hope you guys know/heard of _luis_ (he's a flash animator)
2: please dont take this flash seriously. Enjoy!

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This was.... what?

This was just stupid... it all seemedso random and pointless. why did you turn Luis into a generic Mexican stereotype? Why does he die at the end? He runs out of food and just decides to not eat? what was the point of the whole 3 minutes before that? Why did he randomly have a horribly pixellated jpeg head for some of this entry? Why is this featured in the Luis Day 2007 collection when it was submitted in 2004? These questions and more, will never have a logical answer.

Okay, that was nice.

That is really all this submission was "nice." I mean its great that you made a submission for Luis day, but you really made it so boring and dull that I found it hard to really enjoy it. The graphics were nice, but again there really was nothing to the submission so I really found it hard to enjoy. The storyline was also rather dull and it was lame overall. Not good.


I only kept watching for the song, Half way though I realized that it was just relaly boring... I mean i dont need xplosions, but I mean face it The computer chair and comp life isnt exciting, and I dont watn to watch someone droning away on it... And if hes good at something let him be ^_^; Some people do better in hiding, though I did lol a bit XD Nice song choice though I did enjoy it !

Well, sadly, that sucked.

I really wanted to like it, being a _Luis_ fan and all, but really it was just slowed paced, boring, and unfunny.

Still, Luis deserves his props I guess, could have done a much better job about it though. Oh well.


That was funny. _Luis_'s flash does rule, but this is a pretty damn funny flash.

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3.11 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2004
2:19 PM EST
Music Video