Pimp My Wheelchair

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This is a little cartoon me and my friend Sam done for some reason, sorry about the crappy Steven Hawking impression, I guess it just adds to the comedy.
If you are easily offended, or Welsh, don't watch this.



eh? what the hell?

I'm not easily offended at all, but the perspective you did on disabled people is WAY over the top. It seems you went out of your way to make the disabled characters as screwed up as possible. Why? you could use disabled characters in that cartoon and not make fun of them and make it so much funnier, try some witty dialogue. Something that makes sense as well. The audio was choppy. The animation could have been better, less choppy and made more sense, I can see talent in your stuff if you'd focus a bit more on actual comedy and not stuff that seems random and directly insulting to people... keep at it!

Headcrab give his all knowing wisdom

ok, you should make a series out of this, and pimp completely random things like... pimp my cheetos bag! or pimp my electrical socket! or something more random, like pimp my water! or maybe even pimp my air........... anyway, the sound got annoyingi n this and it wasnt fast paced enough.


T'was okayish not because im welsh i dont care bout that but i dunno anywho maybe u should do pimp my chair, whellbarrow or some random thing like a bed

bvhj responds:

Pimp My Acne =)

Hah, now I want to be paralyzed. :P

If being paralyzed means having a wheelchair like that, then sign me up! Good job, pretty funny movie and nice comical concept. Keep making humorous movies; they seem to be your strong suit.

This is British humor at its best!

Welsh rims...lol.

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1.84 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2004
1:55 PM EST
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