Attack of the elves

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enjoy the movie


wow you are the worst animator in the world

like god damn you have less talent that a 5 year old stop sending your garbage into newgrounds i don't even know how managed to get past judgement with these pieces of shit. No wonder why you only have 11 reviews none of these movies are even worth watching there so bad. Hrechkaness was right this was downright terrible, an for a guy who responds with a comback about no legmovement in flash? maybe you should watch your own piece of shit video and see that ur garbage doesn't even have any movement and a bunch of sliding you fucking hypocrite. All and all, get some fucking brains, learn how to animate, think clearly about your damn insults you fucking dumbass, learn how to speak proper english you fucking retard or just fall into a pit and die

Insaneplanetman responds:

You do realize you have to press play? my movies do have leg movement and epic battle scenes if something is sliding its because its a vehicle you fool, unless your using flash player three or something. speaking of hypocrits you should look at your own enlish "you have less talent that a 5 year old " I did think clearly i even sat through a really boring animation to do so, So why dont you calm down and stop shouting angry things, seriously what has gotten up your ass, is your favorite pop star engaged or somethign?


drawings sucked ass

Insaneplanetman responds:

wow thats tough talk from someone whos characters slide across the floor magicaly with no leg movement, your animation is just a flash version of a sitcom with no real story i could draw those characters on word for goodness sake
/////// "Gee wizz bill your runing
O O for president as well!?"
---- ----- -----
--- ----- ----

Good, but with glaring flaws

Over all that was not bad, honestly, but it had some massive problems that kept its score down. The sound was horrible. A few too many of the sceens were kinda boring "watch badly animated things walk by" (specificly at the end where all you do is watch a polar bear go by...then a plane go by...then the polar bear shoot...), not that you need to cut out all the battles or anything, just a few boring moments. Other then that this flash was actually pretty funny.

Insaneplanetman responds:

thanks, although my friend, the key to successfull tv and movie writing is long padded out scenes in places


very creative, who would of thought the elves and penguins would end up in an epic war? the graphics were ok, but i know i couldnt draw any better myself. would of been a 8, but whenever someone talked like that idiot in the yellow shirt, it would just buzz and sound bad. also i noticed some white showing on some scenes. but overall pretty good

Insaneplanetman responds:

I dont like the idiot in the yellow t shirt either, but he came to the first ever showing of this movie and left crying


Nice idea I wonder what happend to Santa tho? Did he get Killed in the making?


Insaneplanetman responds:

thanks buddy, im not sure what happened to santa, im to lazy to come up with an explanation

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Credits & Info

3.04 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2004
11:27 AM EST
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