Twilight Clock Zone 1

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Where something mysteriously goes wrong and coffeeclock must find a way to make things right.



Well I have seen quite a few of the esp of the Twilight zone. I think you didn't pull this off the best way. Sure Coffee went to the future, but how? Plus he got back to the past way too easly. It would have been better if the robot clocks chased him around till he found a time machine. I jsut looking for more of that typcal drama that goes on in a typical twilight zone esp.

CoffeeClock responds:

Ahhhh, you should write stories and make flash too, my dear, I like how you think!!!

Not used to this clock thing, though

The graphics are good, but I'm not too sure if the future background was what you drew or what you found on Google or whatever. However, this is a fine graphic quality flash. I'm sure that the voices were taken from the Microsoft Speech thing since the screaming from CoffeeClock didn't really sound like screaming when he saw PepsiClock with a bag on his head or whatever.

I havn't seen the Twilight Zone or know much of the clocks, but this flash was fine. I found it funny and strange that the machine clocks just gave CoffeeClock a time machine without making sure whether it should go back or not. I'll need to know a bit more about clocks if I'm still not sure with them.

CoffeeClock responds:

It tastes funny at first, but then after awhile you'll crave it. There's a lot of excellent clock flashes out there. Check out the Clock Crew and the history about them. Then you will see why Strawberry Clock is King of TEH PORTAL!!!



CoffeeClock responds:

{{{{ EvilBerryClock }}}}

I second that,

Whenever I find the time between things, I log onto NG & the first thing I do is check the portal listing for submissions made by clock authors. You've been popping up a bit & I'm glad, because there are some days where there are no clock submissions - thats always a sad thing.

Master_InuYasha's positive review drove me to leave one of my own & to avoid sounding like some typical reviewers, I'll simply concur with him.

I think in the future, if you ever decide to refine your opening sequence - it would be a cool idea to animate the coffee being poured into the mug... maybe some oddities floating in with it.

be easy

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CoffeeClock responds:

Long live the clocks! I agree, there should always be clock movies on a daily basis. I might change that intro later. Not a bad idea.


I enjoyed this, you are turning out to be quite the clock CoffeeClock. The end is the best though, he thought something was wrong with Pepsi clock and fleed. That was great. I hope to see more of your great flash soon.


CoffeeClock responds:

You most definitely will, unless strawberryclock chains me up again in that dark jail cell.

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3.27 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2004
9:22 PM EST
Comedy - Parody