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FF:The New Empire Part 5

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Our heros have won the tournament and gone home. Cyan meets Setzer and the others shortly after...

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good movie

this one was pretty good but i would have liked to have seen more of the tournament and the battles but its still good.

Not as good as the others

Your other ones were better than this one, Better fight sequences with the HP and stuff, that was like a real ff game. I liked how you made them all go back to their worlds to the plots that happened in the other games, that was cool. I would of liked to of seen Kain and Leo's fight. Also, I would of liked to of seen Sephiroth pwn everyone.

Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

You ask, then it shall be done

when is the next..

episode comming out?..just curries..
otherwhise good work!...YAtta! (^_^)

Jim-Bob-Joe responds:

Well the date is may 11th now, so i'd expect may 25th TNE 4-2 will be out
so the plot will make a LOT more sense depending on whether i get an award or not i'll have 4-3 and 7 out by june and 10 by august though.


I liked this one. I would say more, but i cant think of anything else. o ya, boymonkii, its called a clifhanger. thats what they do, leave u wanting more.

good 1

its a cool episode, but wht happened 2 kain, and how did the tournament ended so quickly?