Marcus Peblo Quadrilogy

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WARNING: This is a Strange and freaky movie. The Marcus Peblo Quadrilogy contains whining baby demons, evil globs of evil, vampire bats, poltergeist activity, weird voices, strange mystical creatures, and abstract music. Watch young Ciper annoy his grandfather! See Marcus gleefully jump on his bed! Indigo and Rainbow children rejoice! Peblo can save you!

Whether you loved it or hated it. Thanks for the great reviews! Just try to enjoy the art, if you can. thanks for front page.



i thought it was gonna be a goofy flash at first...but MAN was that bizzare....

You cannot make a flash reling on art alone.

I believe the summary sums it up well enough. I loved the art work, it was very creative. But your story...where's the organization?

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I thought it was a really well animated and drawn cartoon, but WTF just happened. I am so confused. Can you make a flash that isn't just plain wierd and confusing?

I have no idea what I was just looking at.

Really. It wasn't bad though. I liked it. I believe that you could do without the intro though or provide a skip button. It was unnecessary. I also would say it is safer to act like this had no intended story because most people won't get it. I sure didn't. I mean there was a naked boy and fire/leaf thing. Then you got your kung fu gremlins and that key. The screens with Marcus Peblo popping made him look like Mr. Lemonhead Lastly a wizard who is a fan of Homestarrunner. It was pretty random Your style of animation isn't bad. I liked it. I don't think you should change that. The main highlight of this is...the music. I thought the music was great. So, keep doing your thing there. I hope you have much success with your DVD and I look forward to your next project.

what in earth was that???

Seriosly, if u gonna spend several hours of ur day makin somethin, at least make that somehow, i dont get bored and close the window after watchin for 2 minutes :P

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3.75 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2004
8:58 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place December 17, 2004