Marcus Peblo Quadrilogy

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WARNING: This is a Strange and freaky movie. The Marcus Peblo Quadrilogy contains whining baby demons, evil globs of evil, vampire bats, poltergeist activity, weird voices, strange mystical creatures, and abstract music. Watch young Ciper annoy his grandfather! See Marcus gleefully jump on his bed! Indigo and Rainbow children rejoice! Peblo can save you!

Whether you loved it or hated it. Thanks for the great reviews! Just try to enjoy the art, if you can. thanks for front page.



I think that you might play starcraft....hahaha Your wierd. I like you, keep it up, more grandpa, grandpa is goal!

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A movie for very, VERY, open mind.

Not many guy seem to have liked this movie, and i can understand. It's not the kind of thing i like myself so i will try to be objective on my comment.
First, if you want a movie to be watched, bether not make the viewer flee for is life in the first few minute. The sound was maybe a little too agressive, specially in the intro. But i do understand one thing, since it was HELL, the sound was chosen to fit the place. If so, good thinking, but please, spare us Satan!!!!
Also, the story telling was very difficult to follow, but not impossible (i understood the story!! I... think...). The elements flowed in a furius whirlwind, so you had to be very attentive (and open minded, or imaginative) to follow the story. However, there is definitly something here to work with. Next time, try it again, but with everybody understanding the naration. It Could give bird to a very flamboyant styles.
Ofcourse, there is a wealth of good art and animation in this movie so as well congratulate you for that. The music was great to. There is definitly a lot of work in your movie, and i respect that. Good luck with your futur projects.

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i found it incribdibly boring...gud anmition but meh not for me

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Quite amazing, the animation is very smooth, the music fits well and the backgrounds/artowork is awesome. The only porblems I see are that this(Some sort of compilation I'm guessing) is too much to watch in one sitting, or at least in my opinion. The other thing is that it somewhat bothers me to see that kid jumping around naked..... Either way, this is some grade A stuff.

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It was interesting to say the least.

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3.75 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2004
8:58 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place December 17, 2004