Minushi - Chapter 6

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Minushi is a feature length animated sci-fi fantasy motion picture brimming with action, mystery and adventure presented online in 19 parts.

Much more at www.minushi.com
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Thanks for watching.

UPDATE: This is a "retooled" chapter of Minushi. Some of the graphics and animation have been reworked from the version originally posted.


Ive said it before and ill say it agen...

this series rocks! i love it! some people say your story is a bit cruddy but i love it! and cobra82 all ican say is u do a better series with bette rquality and like 19 episodes then critisise it! the army base was obviusly a small out town training camp or something by the looks of the interior. keep it up tyler YOU ROCK!

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guess you didnt listen

Man seriously you have great art and awesome abilities. one thing you dont have is a sense of a story. You came up with an already taken and over used idea. Find someone taken from them and go through supposedly invincible army I mean come on.
Dude all im going to say is how the hell did they get in?!? I mean what did they scale the what looked like 30 foot cement walls with cameras and turrets or did they just walk in the back fence door? you seriously left to big a gap then how did they find the computer? I mean the place looked big enough to be a small town and yet they magically find the computer. how did they know it was the right computer? or do all computers in there have the files on ppl that they army has taken? This story is good but wow way to not be original.
now on to the white looking man. wow way to magically boost the plot line with a what?!? a trench coat and sunglass white faced stranger. and good job on the creepy voice for him cause all mysterious strangers have to be creepy voiced no normal voices for them. haha in that theory when they hit puberty and their voice starts to get creepy instead of lower they pretty much knew then they were going to be a bad ass
so to overview you didnt do anything original at all and you are leaving to big of gaps. great art and sound though amazing what im thinking is you draw for someone who can tell a story. but trust me man your amazing at drawing so be proud of that, cant be good at everything.

NO FIVE!!! OR 1!!!!!!

ah well still good

I like it. why, you ask?

I love it!!! This shows with sheer determination, you can do anything! even sneak into a military base and steal info... wait. i'm in the military! um... I do not condone this.... It was still good. can't wait until the movie finishes!!!

very nice

i really like your style and storytelling ability, this is a great flash.
though i was wondering why that stop sign was written in arabic...

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3.92 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2004
11:54 AM EST
  • Daily Feature December 17, 2004
  • Weekly 5th Place December 22, 2004