PICONJO: The Epic Poo

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rofel this is whut happens when piconjo has to pooh.

piconjo <3s j00


Fun in a sick way

This flash brings to life, one more time, a name that means: wrong, hate, disaster, shit, and bullshit, we are talking about... PICONJO, for all of you who doesnt know who or what IS piconjo, you should go and search for author here in newgrounds(nazigrounds in piconjo's diccionary), for the work of piconjo, believe me is the best way to descrive him, in all or almost all flash of piconjo, you can see the hate for a particular frog(a very famus frog), so with all this in mind...

This flash is about piconjo when he goes to the toilet, a very sick, sick, sick joke with frogs, turds and golden showers , with a nice song, that particullary goes preaty well with the animation, not a very good animation but still ok for this kind of wrong jokes.

if you hate sick jokes, dont watch this flash
if you hate piconjo, dont watch this flash
if you have not see any work of piconjo, you probably dont want to see this flash

So If you have see some of piconjo worst and best works... and still want to see more of the same, but by another of his fanatics cult followers like GAO, give a try with this flash, you will laugh a bit.

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don't share in that sick humor

I thought this score was fitting..

I gave this a 1, because this does make poop look good.. O_o.. Think about that..


I kind of thought that frog part was funny but the rest of
it was stupid.. like someone who'd make an alt account
just to insult a movie.


Are you kidding?
The song is a jewel! But it was screwed up with this sick animation...
(And what the hell is wrong with the f***** crap-eating frog!? Gross...)

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1.73 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2004
6:56 PM EST