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Hitlers March

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Author Comments


Ok heres the scoop on this flick, I had too make a presentation on Heinrich Himmler and WW2... most of my "peers" did note taking and other crap... so i insisted on doing a flash movie. The presentation is wensday "12/15/04" so wish me some luck, i thought id slap it on up here for your viewing pleasure.. however im not Sure if the full screen button will work on newgrounds... it should, but if it doesn't oh well... you wont miss it. A total of Approx. 30 hours work, not including the fact look up. It comes complete with a quiz, too test your knowledge, and a nice little preloader for the ladies... Review fair.. id do it for your movies, so be kind and do it for mine, mutual respect my friends. Leave me some feedback on things too fine tune it for the presentation... anyhelp will be greatly appreciated... and without further adue (minus the specs) iPresent too you hitlers march... god i hope the preloader works... haha..

FrameRate: 20 FPS
Frames in Movie: 1702
Running Time: 1 minute 25 seconds (85 seconds approx.)


((( COOL )))

Notbad at all, kinda different but then again not so different, the audio voice was neat, and some of the music that i did hear was kinda cool, making it for an interesting flash, file size seemed abit large though, you may want to work on that...


That was alright...

You sort of had something in the beginning, but it faded when you just started spouting off well-known facts about WWII (no shit you wouldn't want to live in a world dominated by Hitler). You'd have something far more compelling if that had been about military machines in general or the American invasion of Iraq. Controversy and ill-tempers would have strengthened this movie so much more. Ugh, it was something good but it devolved into... rrrr! Now, I'm frustrated.

not bad

it didnt hold much info on the reich thoguh....and what grade did you get?


Before, done to death.

Do Your Research..

For Someone So Confident In Their Claims Of Jewish Death Statistics, Himmler, Etc...
You Had the Swastika Drawn Backwards You Dolt..
Everytime Someone Makes Something Referring To, Or 'Educating' About Adolf Hitler And The Third Reich, They Have The Bloody Swastika Inverted.. Hi.. The Way You Have It Is A Hindu Symbol Representing Wisdom..
And Despite The Fact That You Have This HUGE Symbol, Which United An Entire Nation Together In One View Point, Incorrect.. We're Supposed To Be Educated Or Feel Sorry For Fallen Jews..?
It's Very Difficult To Take This Seriously When The Author Didn't Have The Intelligence Enough To Not Only Have The Nazi's In Properly Coloured Uniforms, But ALSO Misdrew The Swastika..

0/10 For Incompetance..

SurvivalisFutile responds:

Not confident you ass, factually correct, as far as it was required... WW2 has been debated by scholars more than i would care to ever do..as far as your claim of my incompetance... im human, i make mistakes... usually when i write something back, i say i could be wrong... im not always right you twit... and neither are you... so get over your overly pretensious self... not only are you unoriginal in your critque of my flash... i know, i know, i know... i made mistakes, im fixing them... get the stick out of your ass... i dont see you having any flash videos in the portal... and you dont have ANY save points... which too me can mean only one thing... your a top of the class, grade A prick...heck you might be the best motha' on the face of the planet in flash, history, ect... but that doesn't make up for being an arse... This movie DID NOT have any graphical referernces to the torture of jews... i DID NOT try to make you feel sorry... what i did do is represent the Nazi Machine with a rave-techno music video-ish style... Further more, what leads you too believe the uniforms are miscolored? Honestly you people forget about the "green police" and regardless of that doing the "black shirts" visually would have taken away from the movie... you cant just color characters whatever you want, it has to have proper contrast to backgrounds... (whatever looks best really) however... ill give some marot to what you say when you try your hand at this you dipshit... to saite your need to be a prick ill turn it around... have a nice day...


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Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2004
11:17 PM EST
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