Retarded Animal Babies 11

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**READ** I stuck a Warp Zone in there to take you to the alternate endings...click on the TV towards the beginning while Karen's on it.

So...It's four months to the day since my car accident, and while God knows I hate sitting in front of the computer with my broken leg propped up, pulling wedgies out of my ass, I figured after four months I should at least pull RAB11 out of there, too.


I rate all your movies the same way.

RAB makes me laugh every time I see it, it doesnt matter if its the 100th time or not they will still always make me laugh.

rammstein very good shit my man

i cant belive u actually made a retarded animal babies with my favorit song ma man rammstien is the shit i cant belive u made one with one of ther best songs and satain fuck hes funny in every retarded animal babies iv been a big fan of this shit since i first found out about em liek 2 yrs ago man i fuckgin love retarded animla babies it always makes me laugh fuck i almost puked from laughing when i watch em all I AM THE PURPLE PENEAS. THAT WAS A FUNNY ONE MAN I KNWO I DONT REVIEW UR SHIT MUCH BTU WHEN I DO I GIVE EM A GREAT RATIGN 5 OUTA 5 man i cant belive it not maney pep knwo about rammstien ur were the last person i thought would knwo abotu them HEAVY METAL ALL THE WAY MAN fuck i cant belive it picking donkey was fuckgin funny ya thsi is the longest review iv wrote in a long time so ya keep em comign man i love that shit and every retarded animal babies has made front page as far as i kwno from episode 3 purple peneas. fuck u make me laugh so hard when i watch thsi shit keep it up.

Watch it!

Booze fest or boobs fest very funny!

Not bad

You could have done a better job voice acting the Ozzy. And get real heavy metal band's song to use. Or I will mench you!

not as good as before

in fact it wasnt really that good at all

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4.20 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2004
7:55 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Weekly Users' Choice December 15, 2004
  • Daily Feature December 14, 2004