Retarded Animal Babies 11

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**READ** I stuck a Warp Zone in there to take you to the alternate endings...click on the TV towards the beginning while Karen's on it.

So...It's four months to the day since my car accident, and while God knows I hate sitting in front of the computer with my broken leg propped up, pulling wedgies out of my ass, I figured after four months I should at least pull RAB11 out of there, too.

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Gawd, I remember these!

"Hooray! Baby factories!"

You kind of spoiled the Easter Egg in the author comments. Still, this was awesome. Wow, we actually saw a woman with a shirt on! We still get more toplessness though. I just loved how he was like, "You're a fucking moron".

Some people are just that stupid. My favorite line was probably, "It's the Devil's magic!". Donkey seemed smarter in this. I love how they reference the last episode. They still all died in it!

really good as alwasy and i am a 3 in the quiz played it like 29 times now

Can't use anymore the alternate ending. Why?