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Element Saga Chapter 2

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Author Comments

Element Saga continues

Please write a review if you see a problem don't get all angry from a mistake I could probably fix just let me know
warning - this may run slow (large file) so please excuse the long wait
thank you to all who right helpful and non hateful reviews as well I would also like to thank all who help and inspire me
like Naughty Dog of PS2 thank you for the JAK series I hope in wins some awards

Chapter 2 is here you can now play as Jalapeno Targical
newer game play includes punch and kicking
shooting elements more story
better graphics
and explained so that even a 5 year old can play..

- Help and Hints -
Jalapeno is very similar to using crow the attacks work essentially the same.
for any one who reads on the special
code for the scene select
is further down
-trouble shooting-
Q- my curser is stuck on the cross hair
A- the problem may lie in website it may run slow
Q- yeah it runs slow even on low quality.
A- once again the internet or your computer is slow
thank you for telling me though

Scene select - DARKMATTER case sensitive

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Hello Dizimz, a few people and myself are going to make a remake of Phrozenflame. Even members of the original games are included, and are actively helping as well. Are you okay with us using Jalapeno once more? We intend to make him a secret boss in the game.

- yukureimu, game director thingy



Interesting story but hard game.



very good

this is preety cool, a realy big improvment over the last one, which really wasnt good