Emmy's Christmas Gift

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Season's Greetings! I made this animation for my little sister Emmy. As do many Harry Potter fans about her age, she harbors just a slight crush on the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and possibly Alan Rickman (she denies that.) So, in lieu of tracking the actual actors down and forcing them to become her boy-toys, I made her this little song and animation.


Bloody brilliant!

You are a humour god, man! This is bloody brilliant! I would kill to have a big brother like you! (or a boyfriend, ha ha)

By the way, I think your Harry Potter work is your best. Potter Puppet Pals (and this one) is so totally great! But why can`t I find the Snape/Sexy-song here?

And what is it with you and Pokemon/McDonalds? LOL! :-P I digg you, man!

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that was great..... uhuuh

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Nice Gift

Emmy surely loved it!! As always, great, funny stuff delivered by the master animutator! Thanks for the laugh!!

Robby Coltrain Christmas

The late great Neil Cicirega manages once again to craft a most spell binding mini-mutation from beyond the grave.
Its intersting he made this for his sister, but sent it out to the world. He was much like fellow corpse Andy Kaufman, who did alot simply to amuse himself, but it just so happend a few other twisted souls got the joke. Its apprent that Cicieregian Animutation age has ended and that we may never again be treated to the bizarre delights of his twisted imagination put to funny music. but what ever he does in the future, I firmly belive he will be successful. so heres to you Mr. Cicierega, thanks for many wonderful years of insanity and may you rest in peace.

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Hilarious! Terrific music, funny as hell!

I really enjoyed this! It must have been the 50th time I watched it today, so I decided to join Newsgrounds just so I could give a review. I love the Potter Puppet Pals, but this Christmas-gift is just as funny, if not funnier! I love the song, I sing it when I go to work. (Yeah, I'm freaky)

I especially like the "candy cane"-joke, but the "what the hell is wrong with your brother"-line also cracks me up.

I hope there'll be more of these HP-flashies that you make, cause they're all funny as hell!

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Dec 13, 2004
2:41 PM EST
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