errazor pongo remix!

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pongo remix. no plot. only pongo fx.
hard work on this.
i luv it.
clay movie


this is spectacular

again, you prove me right to have you as my first fave artist on ng.
your originality, style, taste and skill for music and flash overall are
always a blas to me. btw, do you do streetart or something ? 'cause your
comic characters in the background look like perfect for painting them
on stickers and stuff or paint them with spraycans. perhaps some day
we could do a co-flash movie. you always wrote nice reviews for my
evilbus series. i do other work nowadays, but maybe we could find a way. :)

That was cool I'd like to see more of pongo

That was cool I've never seen a claymation music video before, but it also made me realize that I've never seen a claymation movie that actually looks like it has a setting like a bar or a school or something to that degree, its always on someones kitchen table or floor, but I guess that would mean constructing a backround and maybe that would be too much work but none the less its something I'd like you to think about


nice, but kinda pointless (sorry), i liked it, although it was a bit boring.

ok the preloader

flashing preloaders are a bad thing. i liked it though :)

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2.71 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2004
12:29 PM EST
Music Video