Cupcapades 2

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JUMP: Space bar
MOVEMENT: Arrow keys (left & right)

The first cupcapades took under a day to make, and was meant mostly as a joke than a game. This sequel, done three years later, is far more complex in every aspect. Graphics have been revamped, there are new characters, three levels, and the engine can deliver a system that allows you to change the game.

The concept is the same, use your character to jump over and avoid the objects headed towards you. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses, and each level has their own enemies. Change either the number of Enemies on screen, the speed of the game, or the direction of the enemies to see which play style is best for you.

Rhythm and I decided to launch this game in this condition, even though it does need some work. Like Ghosty, we will be updating it in the next few days to polish it off. Any comments are welcomed.


Another kick ass game

Hey ken it's me Koorooo. Awesome game you have here. Ain't got no time to write more, gotta play some more!

Kenshino responds:

Some dick of a friend you are for not writing more. Ass.


ok 1st of all i wanna say nice work... Part one was nice, but this is way better! i like the way its all setup, i like the fact that you can pick more then just the cupcake, levels, and the options of speed and stuff, nice job!

Very good game!

The animation is the only thing that you really need to improve. If you can somehow make it better, that would be great too. Good job!

Kenshino responds:

There is animation in there(death animations and jumping animations) but I do agree that the enemies are static. I was going to have the car explode when you hit it, hydrant shoot out water, chicken shoot out an egg.. the whole nine yards. We wanted to get the game out though, so we left alone all of that.

I'll try animating some of the stuff in the update.


You should probably just rate the sweets (or heros) with 4 stars instead of 10.

Graphics were pretty good, though, you should probably animate things moving across the screen as actually moving their legs or swaying the hay.

I was confused at first at what to do but afterwards it was a pleasing game. I think this is good, but you need to get into more depth with the game, maybe more levels or an upgrade shop.

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Loved it!

Great game! You could add a "campaign mode" in which it gets harder and harder, and when you beat it, you get a special prize

5/5 :D

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Kenshino responds:

Thanks a lot man. Yeah, the third game will be having a story mode and vehicles. In the update though we might add maybe a bit of a campaign, or at least something like what you said where it gradually gets harder as you play.

Thanks for the feedback.

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3.79 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2004
4:40 PM EST
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