Mr. T Vs Superman

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no this is not a ghost or an impersonator...this is MrTpug and welcome to Mr. T VS Superman Part 1. Yes folks this is what maybe my final film so i'm going out on a 3 parter....one and 2 are finished and 2 will be released in a week or so...but to make me finish part 3 I need my fans to unite and e-mail Tom and Wade to Update the Mr. T Section! I have like 5 toons floating in limbo, not listed in the section. So unite my Acolytes! and Vote 5!



I always get a kick out of your Mr. T movies! They are always hilarious!


I don't care what anyone says. Your Mr. T movies are the best. I hope you get your website up again. Keep up the great work.

Glad to have you back MrTPug

Wow good stuff dude, glad your back into making flash, I loved your Mr T movies. Was afraid you had given up.

Mr.T Rulez!

Its great but for when a Mr.T Vs some character of anime(Dragon Ball Sailor Moon Evangelion ect)using the style Mr.T Vs Power Rangers?
in each case Mr.T is greattttt!!!!!


I really love your stuff and it sucks when you disappeared. Why does this last brawl have to be the last one?? AAAh that sucks! Mr. T VS has endless potential. If you like the Thundercats, I think Mr T Vs them would be a kean idea. You know Mr. T's Dog? Well he could be in it and could fight Mummra's dog Ma mutt. :D See? It never ends! And what about Mr. T Vs Spider-man? They can fight over who's cereal is the best. :)

:'( I'll email Tom and Wade only if you plan on staying..... Aah and if you stay long enough I think the "submit to collection" button might be activated one day and who knows you might be able to update yourself. >:) Not that I have any idea how that button will work, just sayin'. Thanks again for the entertaining flicks!

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4.04 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2004
8:04 PM EST
Comedy - Parody