A Guy's Life

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it's cute game if you were downloading somthing this game is purfect to waste your time until the thing your downloading done it's rellay cute . have fun .



I would have to say this is a very creative flash..hand held thin'? It's not very good..just looped flashes of around 10 movies of a guy's life..but that is a great idea to make a hand held! Semi good graphics also..better then stick figures ;)

b-a-i-a-n responds:

Why thank you , well maybe I will try
little harder next time and make another flash like this but I will make it better It will be "Real hand held"


well i liked tyour idea of makin it look like a hand held game or one of those pocket pet games hehe... but i'm damn glad i dun have his life, doesn't do a whole lot.. and what was up with that chick he was doing?? was she extremely fat or was that 1 huge breast??

b-a-i-a-n responds:

1- thank you
2- I'm glad too I don't have his life
3- no, That was 1 XXXL breast

that wasnt what i expected it to be

i thought it was gonna be like a guy watchin porn and you gotta move your hands up and down to ejaculate.....lol

b-a-i-a-n responds:

well......errr.......maybe next time

That was pretty good.

Nice work. I have a feeling people's gonna flare this flash but hey. Very good work. This is what us guys do. Next time make a Jerk Off button. lol

b-a-i-a-n responds:

ha ha ha ........ will , thank you

Mindless Entertainment

U know ur right that was perfect to play while i was downloading AH (no offence or n e thin). Nice speed drawings, i think you should make a full game character out of him, like the nex pico or somthin like that. I'll take a look at what else youve done.

b-a-i-a-n responds:

Thank you , and I don't think he's cooler than pico.

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1.80 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2004
10:46 AM EST
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