Join Me In Death

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This is a frame by frame music video by HIM entitled "Join me in Death" I kind of forgot about this but I finished it up and wanted to send it in so here it is. Also I am not a fan of Pantera but I make this as a tribute to "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott who was murdered last night at the age of 38. Enjoy!

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1. Don't ever post something relating to Dimebag Darrell that doesn't even have him in it.
2. Use a better song by a better band like ONE THAT DIME WAS IN!
3. How is this even a tribute to Dimebag?

Theres my three good reasons. ANYONE ELSE AGREE?

This video=Shit

Dude That was gayer than metallica cutting their hair.


this is kida historic since it was made the day after dime died... but dude, i gotta say that this isnt good, especially the guy cutting himself...

and if u honour dime, why dont u like pantera?

Not cool dude.

Heres a tip. Be damn careful what you do when your making something like this especially when its about dime.

That was a horrible way to tribute him. It was just childish and really emo. Didnt go well with the message you were trying to get across. Dont do it again.

you're a bitch

dimebag was a heavy metal messiah.? how is this metal in the least? fuck you. if you don't like pantera, you don't half of what he accomplished on the guitar. you don't deserve to honor dime. fuck you.

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Dec 9, 2004
8:36 PM EST
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