Inu-Yasha in a Nutshell

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Based off a doodle my sister invented, I thought it was cute and funny, so I made a Flash movie for it. Of course, I added some things. ^^; Like African drum music for example. So, enjoy it! Take into consideration this is my 2nd Flash movie I ever made, so I'm still learning. :D

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Yes, the way she said (and I mean the artist who made this video by "she", not inuyasha) "crushed my dreams, crushed them so hard!" was just so perfect. I nominate you for an oscar! For a trolly, heh heh. There should be an award for most snarky, perfect satire, and it should be called a "Trolly", and it should accompany a little golden figurine of a troll under a bridge. Yep. Pretty much Inuyasha in a nutshell. Ha ha. Or at least the start of it. After the synopsis here, it only is downhill from there, it's just sickening romance, and it will somehow make you tired of japanese monsters, it's always "youkai this, youkai that". But this is definitely a flawless summary of the first few episodes. I liked the dancing ears. Kind of like the "dancing teeth" Terry Gilliam animation from Monty Python's flying circus.

Charquins101 gee I don't know, hmmm, why does inuyasha sound like a "gurl"? Here's irony for you, maybe you should have noticed the USERNAME of the author is "Gabugurl", even misspelled the same way you did it? I know, I know, it's a cliche left over from 4chan, that there are no girls on the internet, except it's not actually true, and so she's left with the choice between trying to do a deep impersonated male voice, which wouldn't be as funny, or make her voice even higher and shriller, almost in the style of the other "QQQQ in a nutshell" videos like the ones from channelcat/egoraptor (who is now one of the gamegrumps on youtube, in case you're wondering what egoraptor is doing with himself now). What should she have done to satisfy you, not make the video because only males are fit to troll inuyasha in a hilarious way? Go dancing ears, go!

Bwahaha! i first saw this flash a loooong ass time ago. and to this very day i tell people that piss me off that they've CRUSHED MY DREAMS! ... THEY CRUSHED THEM SO HARD! XD




she crushed my dreams she crushed them so hard!!! hahahaha


nice bro i liked but y did inuyasha hav a gurl voice... but i figure meh watever it makes it funnyer nowww anyway it was funny xD i liked ur beggining it was funny lolz DOG EARS and swords lolz i bet ya ima get a bad rating 4 this comment xD bi ppl

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4.14 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2004
7:58 PM EST
Comedy - Parody