Transformers: Hour of War

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---fixed loud transitions---
It's finally here!
After a long hiatus, Hour of War is completed. This continues where Transformers: Gladiator Prime and Transformers: Mutiny left off.
Megatron tries an all out offensive against the Autobots. Will he succeed? Or will Optimus Prime stop him?



Nuff Said

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fantastic fan fic

that has 1 b the greatest ever tribute 2 transformers i my self am a tf fan and u capured the essence of g1 i comend u good sir

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Great work, very nice

Glad to see im not the only one who remembers transformer`s.
LOL :)

nice work

Nice work man, got any more?

Again Great!

Great! I thought you'ld never return. :) Heh. I want you to know that I plug your work on NG every chance I get. I know it hasn't helped but I won't stop until Tom puts your stuff in the Transformers section. Anyone who feels the same way I urge you to email Tom and request they be put there and if you need me for anything I'll be more then happy to help.

On with the show. I though that this was kick ass as usual and the Ark didn't feel as empty as it did in the last episodes. Don't let these user's complaints about graphics and animation get to you because unfortunately most of the time on NG, your worse critics have never touched the flash program in there life but still demand a huge amount of quality based on what they think is the best stuff on NG instead of taking the flash for what it is. Everything has to be polished and the animation has to be flowing like water otherwize they'll won't give it the time of day.

There "full of barillion baloney!" Being a actual NG contributer I know that you are going to get better if you continue and have noticed even in this episode, slight improvements so there critisism doesn't bother me in the least and even if the graphics and art never changed I'd still love this!

Thanks for making something better then all the "Tranformers" animation Hasbro has barfed out over the years, by doing something so simple as staying loyal to the G1 universe and giving us the characters we all love. You understand what makes Transformers so popular unfortunately the Transformer's owners do not.

powermasterprime responds:

Well, the shows like Armada and Energon don't have characters anymore.
Oh, sure Starscream from Armada had one, but did anyone else? No.
G1 had tough guy Brawn, Fun loving wanting to prove himself Bumblebee, powerful heroic Optimus Prime, traitorous Starscream, loyal Soundwave, crazy Warpath BAM!, hippy Beachcomber, huge strong Grimlock, snooty Skylynx. I could go on forever with every single show character and name their traits. With the new stuff you can't, they're all the same.
And thanks for you support man. I was thinking this was going to be my last Transformers submission, but I may do a couple more. Hopefully it doesn't take as long this time.

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Dec 9, 2004
5:15 PM EST