Transformers: Hour of War

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---fixed loud transitions---
It's finally here!
After a long hiatus, Hour of War is completed. This continues where Transformers: Gladiator Prime and Transformers: Mutiny left off.
Megatron tries an all out offensive against the Autobots. Will he succeed? Or will Optimus Prime stop him?


Excellent Excellent Excellent

Great. Wish I could contact these people somehow via Email! I'm putting together a TF animation archive. Shame there's no email link.

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takes me back to the good ol' days

that was awsome! i was reading thru the reviews and i cam up on 1 were u sed u use an old mic.... i think it makes the voices sound authentic. very well played out! but i barely remember ne of the original tf's neva herd of bumblebee, and sum others god this sounds odd coming from a fan of ur work..... lol
well i admit u got alot of artwork to improve... like the animations look a little squigley but other then that improvment is key in all movies i say this 1 needs less then wat all those other tf movies need not bad coming from a kid who likes chuckin chickins and hittin balls at peoples ballz, lol sadistic, lil scamp aint I? hahaha

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interesting artwork. good but with scribbles.

Fantastic work!

This is really impressive work, I really loved watching this, You Captured the Real Transformers.

Well done

Nearly perfect

Drawings were awesome. Voice acting was a little off but the personalites were perfect. Loved the "You Got Touch" by Stan Bush part. Brought back memories of the movie. You captured the show great.

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4.01 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2004
5:15 PM EST