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5th for the day! Guess someone was smiling on this... I hate teasers and in hind-site I wish I had not put this up... but I'm working away on the full thing and Yes it did cut down on my emails from people saying I couldn't make cartoons... Now they say I'm ripping off HomestarRunner... Go figure... I guess you can't please everyone right? Anyway... I've fixed the sound and stuff.. I responded on a few of the reviews pretty harshly... but after taking some time away from working on the cartoon and reading the reviews again they didn't deserve me being so harsh... so I apologize for being overly defencive. Anyway! Glad you guys liked the teaser... and the full cartoon is coming soon.
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This video was better animated than the actual cartoon.

good but i have somthing important to say.........

i have wached on many of your flashes,also turtorials and i liked them very much and i installed the flash-maker-program and i,m gonna make some flash too very soon VERY SOON cause i only have 30-day trial and i
cant buy cuz its 60$!!!!but i have the trial and i have wached on flash-trials all of yours and some another and i can make a flash but this is the problem:i turned the p-c off then i go to the beach some hours and then i turned the p-c on and then all of the buttons selection tool and all of them was AWAY!!!!!!so i'm veeeeery happy if could help me with the problem e-mail me on stbratli@broadpark.no and if you are wondering why it is .no is it because i am from norway actualy so i have nothing more to say but somthing about the flash here:the teaser-flash was good,better than the orginal and i could give it a 5-r ok but plz response


I'm not sayin that your rippin' off homestar, but that looks ALOT like it. That was really good. can't wait ta' see the whole thing.


I was anxious to watch short bus because after watching your other flash, "eat" i had high expectations for this. They were un founded. No wonder you wish you never posted this. Please make some more random humurous flash, Because i really enjoyed "eat".

Hopefully he will be able to eat his head nextime

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terrible April 2, 2005
Reviewed by: Fudoh Overall Score: 0
One of the worst flashes I've ever seen. Every single aspect of this cartoon is bad. It's not pretty, it's not funny and it's not animated well. This is the first zero I've ever given.
That guy is an idiot.. who obviously has hate out for you.. This is great your a great artist.. theres just some real assholes out there,, like the goof fudoh.. lets see u do something better.. use some better voice acting.. but very good

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3.34 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2004
10:41 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 5th Place December 10, 2004