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lotr fotr part i

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Heres my next dub! It's Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Sorry about the last one, but it was my first try. I promise you that this one is better. Sorry about the sound and picture quality, but it was what had to be done in order to be able to post here and be under the file size. Theres more to come if you guys like it!

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That was really funny.


The part when Bilbo is looking for the Ring... Or the "Lucky Penny" in this case...Is a deleted scene right?

lol xD



Funny shit.

i might just be havin a bad day.....

....cuz i usually laugh at stuff like this.
but i didnt find it that funny. liked the kids tho "its gandalf, hes got crack, yay!" lol
but i could of thought of waaaaaaay funnier stuff 2 put in this.

lol i like gandalf choking in teh smoke : P

lol i love teh part when elrond says kill him and take the something like that part so much.


that sucked.
Try dubbig it with the SAME voice for each charecter.
And some things are funnier if left alone.
Like gandalfs singing.