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If seen it doesnt start auto, you have to right click and press play.

PS: I did this with elvin dechesne, but he didnt had a ng account.


It's my game!

I was suprised and somewhat flattered to see my game here. I put it on flashkit so people could learn from the source (and give me some credit :) The reason it doesnt play is because the proper font hasn't been installed and therefore the play button doesn't show. The score etc etc has been messed up as well. I will send NG the latest version which adds a bonus system. There's no grudge against 'game unlimited' here, but it sure is lying saying you did this game with me, because it was 100% done by me!

Great game!

I loved it, and i'll be coming back to it. Does the level advance so you can buy more weapons? I've not played it long enough to get anywhere.

1 bug, the menu doesnt show up...I right-click-play it and it starts. The graphics are great! I liked the whole surround thing and the ship was neat. I'd work a little on the energy trail from the weapon firing though, needed to be more noticable I think.

Great game!

game-unlimited responds:

You played my game? COOL!
I love your work.
Me and my friend (swizard) are a big fan of you.
And i know the right click problem..Just to lazy to fix it now.

Awsome. An awsome effort.

I liked it. I liked quite a bit. It's a good game, with relatively good graphics, and a great control scheme. I want more of this! It's a great try, could use some work, soundtrack maybe, better environments, storyline perhaps? But don't get caught away, this is a winner.


could use some work

it was verey well done but is each missed shot a deduction from your score? cuz i am one of the few people that have a heavy triger finger and like to shoot i would sujest adding stronger guys to the game that take 2 hits and move slower but y did good

not bad

it was a good game.

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3.41 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2004
4:03 PM EST
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