Dr. Shroud: Mask Pt. 1

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This is a new special series entitled "The Mask of Victor Graves", a short two or three part cartoon comprised of excerpts from the upcoming "The Boy in the Box", which reveals the harsh history of Victor Graves, a.ka. Dr. Shroud.

While this part still appears in "The Boy in the Box", I felt that it was self-containing and long enough to warrant a series of its own. Plus, I felt that it was too long between series, so here is a little something in the meantime.


Paradox + Plot Hole

If Victors parent were killed when he was a kid, then how come he fights them as an Adult in "La Maudite"?

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robfeldman responds:

Good eye----ONE of them was killed, Lucas Horla, his father, escaped.


it made me crack up when he about to kill the mom and the music goes to like a comedy scene

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kinda sad nice movie

very sad

the poor kids parents were killed and burned right in front of him!

A few points were skewed

I found a few things wrong about this story.
1)How can there be a picture of vampires? I thought vampires can't be displayed in mirrors or on camera but then again they don't exist so I guess you can change that.
2)Why are they sleeping during the night? Shouldn't they be sleeping during the day and hunting in the night?
3)How did they capture the vampire child? You didn't show how and a vampire child should of been able to take them on with it's great strenghth.

One other part that annoyed me was the music, it drove me crazy! I had to turn off my speakers! Maybe it's just me but I hate repitition and there was no sound effects, no audio dialogue, just the annoying damn music.
Don't get me wrong, the graphics were great, you have a nice plot going with the exception of the audio and few discrepencies about vampires this would have been great but because you have that in thier I must give you a low score. Hopefully you will improve this in any future flash's.

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Dec 7, 2004
9:55 AM EST
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