The Cyst

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A man makes a choice with his cyst, while a woman makes another choice.


Another dark and F'ed up work by you. Bravo! I have a question though. Is the woman possessed or something? It seems she is enjoying her husband's death plus is doing some sort of bloody nude dance in that thing's prescence.

Good animation but I don't get it....

Okay, I liked the animation and the music fitted the mood but don't mark this as a useless review because I'm not bashing this cartoon, I'm just very confused.
This is titled as "The Cyst" but apprently it's a baby growing inside a man's hand???
That is just plain...I dunno. It's just a what the hell type of thing.
I just want to know WHY is it a baby if it's meant to be a cyst? What caused the man to be in so much pain? Why did his head explode after he cut the cord?? What happened to the woman and why was she bleeding?
I sort of got the message behind it because it mentions abortion somewhere. I just don't get why the man had the baby inside him instead of the woman. Really strange.
I gave it a 5 for the animation and the music, but for the rest of it, particularly the gore and the story, it left a lot to be desired.

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Funny :D

pretty good

had deep meaning, i believe.


very good, well-drawn and creepy like so many other of your cartoons yeah good music too

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3.68 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2004
6:47 AM EST
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