The Cyst

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A man makes a choice with his cyst, while a woman makes another choice.


that fuckin rocked

Very twisted, would like to see many more like it!

That was just plain freaky...

Do that again!

For fucks sake man...

That was really disturbed. I like disturbed stuff :D
Cool and fitting music, kinda good graphics and really freaky storyline. Good job!

Heartfelt? I think not.

Wow, okay. Let me gather my thoughts for this one.
Certainly you realize most abortions are taken place before the baby is practically fully grown like in your movie? I hope so, because you took this a little too far.
This movie simply exploited how you felt about abortion in an extreme way.
Actually, it is hard to beleive that you would be religious about the subject, considering the amount of blood and disgusting moments in this film.
I am Catholic and i agree abortion should not be taken lightly. However, this movie is outragiously off base. I understand what you were trying to say, but abortion is nothing like you portrayed, science proves that.
You were being very one-sided on the subject instead of looking at it from all lights, and i feel you may have chosen this topic simply because you knew it would have stirred up some voices and gotten you some good ratings. That is a statement i am willing to take back, because i have nothing against, that is just how i feel at this very moment.

I think the overall message was portrayed in a cruel way. Many believe abortion is cruel, but is it really up to you to say whether it is or not? No, that is why God gave us free will (for any other religions out there, i apologize for using God). Thus meaning, it is up to the individual bearer. Alot of old moraled catholics are like yourself, but with a better way of saying it. However, modern acting catholics, like myself, feel that free will is a much more powerful thing then you might believe. I am against abortion by all means, but i am not against those who perform or wh ythey may perform it.
Also, in abortion, its not like you do not know what is inside you like the man in your movie. The doctor doesn't say "hmm, whats this?" and then start digging in. It is a powerful and very precise procedure.
Your extreme delivery and odd one-sided look actually upset me. The ending, by the way, disgusted me more then i had ever been before. Not disgusted like i am going to puke, but disgusted like "What is wrong with this guy?". Because abortion is nothing like what you seem to think. I know people who have gone through abortion, if you do, maybe you should sit down with them and learn how they felt about the subject.

On to your actual movie.
Your graphics i think were okay. Your people were very unpleasing to the eye. However, the unborn baby was very interesing to look at. Maybe even realistic to me, i am not sure.

It moved well, but could have tranisitioned a little better.

The audio was good at times, but the sudden cut-offs were deffiently not worked well. More awkward then attention grabbing like they should have been.

It was an original idea and you put out how you felt well. You got your point acrosss, but i feel in a very one-sided and grotesque way.

I was impressed with how you portrayed the image of how you saw abortion, and do not get me wrong, a very good movie, but it is one of those things that loses my respect for many reasons.

You have talent, but that was a film anyone could have created if they had such extreme views, because the graphics and overall "flash" were nothing too special.

Good luck to you.

NG Critic Rating
Introduction: 7.5
Impression: 7.5
Style(Graphics): 7.5
Movement: 8
Audio: 7.5
Emotion: 7.5
Originality: 8
Focus: 7.5
Personal Enjoyment: 6.5

Overall: 7.4
Rating: 3

K. Myst Williams

The music didnt fit but

It was actually scary,even though I didnt understand it much.

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3.68 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2004
6:47 AM EST
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