The Cyst

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A man makes a choice with his cyst, while a woman makes another choice.


Liked it.

It was pretty fucked up, good choice of music too, and the characters had a cutesy look to them in contrast to the dark theme which was cool.


This was more than just a flash movie, this was a thought provoking piece of art. I loved it. 10 and 5 for you ^_^

Interesting approach.

If your point was that terminating a pregnancy will lead to one's own demise, Ifeel it is a bit extreme. If your point is that terminating a life is absolutely what an abortion is, that becomes a moral argument. What I found most chilling was the implication that terminating a pregnancy is something that a person would do while smiling. What was the point of the woman at the end, and her seemingly light-hearted approach to this situation?

The storyline is ambiguous enough to leave room for debate on all sides. I could even see ways in which this could be spun into a pro-choice stance. I am not sure what your position on the subject is, and frankly, I just don't think that the average male POV on this incredibly nuanced and sinsitive topic takes all the subtlties into account.

Yet, you took on a difficult subject, and dsepite the gross-out factor, managed to pull off a coherent and thought-provoking, albeit oversimplified, cartoon.

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well to say the least that flash was disturbing!!! but thats what i like to see on here a good quality flash thats took more than 5 min to put together.... i look forward to seeing more from you


My god your movie was amazing! so creepy. but whats the message here? we all have babies growing in are arms? amazing job make more

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3.68 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2004
6:47 AM EST
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