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Newgrounds:Another Look 2

rated 2.09 / 5 stars
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Dec 6, 2004 | 12:20 AM EST

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Author Comments

OK! Newgrounds Another Look is way of looking at NG my way,previosly in NGAL 1.....there were 3 submissions who entered the PORTAL, and you only saw what happened to the first 2 Flashes,now you can see wut happened to the third.Watch the 1st NGAL!!Its very funny....if you like bland humor!



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

the first was better

This was too short, and I couldn't hear what P-Bot was saying. I say, do a 3 and try and make the voices easier to hear, and not Short Please!!!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hey, what can i say?

What can i say, you made the flash and i didn't.
You have used your time more better than I.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


The guy that made the review before must have been on something, this is a real funny flash! I like the first one better, but this one is good!


Rated 0 / 5 stars

A TOTAL 'poo-bomb'

WHoooo Damn! You are gonna be embarrassed when your out of puberty and you come back to these! LOL =)

Where is your Mom? Don't you have chores, and homework? Or are you one of those guys with no friends? Better make some cause your career is not in Flash. Trust me and move on.

- Your movie doesn't make sense
- It's not funny
- Poor artwork

Your entire set of ‘Flashes’ are 'Sophomoric Jibberish.'
But I have to give you credit for trying Aboob.

Seriously, ...
E - for effort

ABob responds:

Hey,you can pronouce big words!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


very creative. Ive seen that piece of paper with the F on it but what does it stand for? Ans SpaceChicken is right. I have your AIM but when are you ever on? Give me a different answer. And if you dont believe me that I suck at flash, then dont look at my profile. Ok fine go ahead look. That picture of the skull, the scythe, and the psone controller, I drew it all by myself on my computer. I can do that. You should sometimes be on at the the AIM thing because I can give you ideas on another Halo thingy movie if you ever plan to do it. You should. If you want to be 2nd popular flash author on Newgrounds. And about your flash rating, its very good. I like the first one better because its longer. You should make a series of em instead of just 2. And you should put a picture of Tom Fulp (it reminds me of ABob vs. Tom Fulp *snicker*) so that it would be a bit funny to some people and sometimes even to me. Of course, I find almost everything funny. On some stoopid submissions (or bad submissions to not be so harsh) I put Comedy:10 because the submission was stupid. To me, stupid things are funny because they're stupid *snicker*. But, sometimes good submissions are funny and so I would put a 1-10 if they were meant to be funny. To finish this review, I would like to say a few more words. The graphics were ok. Nothing too interesting about paper and a floating machine. The style was good. Glad someone actually does a flash about Newgrounds for a change! There was not much violence unfortunatly, so you get a 3. The interactivity, was very high; though I didnt give it a 10, there was more talking then moving. And the humor. The funny part was when the paper grinder (or whatever it was meant to be) fell on the paper. There was a slight glitch in there. Blood splattered everywhere. I didnt know that paper had blood ! lol. And to make the scores one score, you get a 10. Congratulations. That was the longest reveiw I have ever written. Phew.

ABob responds:

I love your reviews,their hilarious!!!!!!!!!now that peice of paper,was an icon of a swf. file.