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TTA Game Tribute I

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FUNDAMENTAL: With kirbopher15, press w when at the top-right!
UPDATE: Didn't want the girls to feel left out so: "gurlforhire - press v" "gurlpowa - press n"
IMPORTANT: "Oops... sorry to the people who found a bug in the game! I fixed it X(."

Ever wanted to play TTA? Well here it is, but is not totally complete. You can play two player, (but the second player will have trouble...) Instructions are on the game, there is only 1 one player game, and only 1 two player game. But if you have some passwords... then you get others, more two player... more battles... Anyway, here's a password to start you off: "gobd" - after password is typed in, press "x".



Great and Decent

My way of suming this up is that this is a decent game for an awesome series.

P.S. Could have had better graphics.

ok, i guess

awsome tribute, i would have made something like this if i knew how to, the grapics could have been better, but it was good!


ill give u a decent score but if you ever get to remaking this plz use sprites rather than drawings

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Dissent game

its fun but the graphics could have been better the besides that game was fun so ill give it a 8/10 but because it is tta and because ive always wanted to play a tta game and extra 2 points so all to gather a 10/10 good game

just like the series.

fight actions are spot on,but i couldnt use some of the attacks and some of my own attacks hurt me

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Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2004
9:25 AM EST
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