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**** UPDATE: I have put a help portal on my website! You can visit it and post animations that you need help with... I will do my best to leave feedback for everyone. *****

Not a great tutorial I know but is helpful and if you use the one or two principles in it your animations will improve... God knows alot of people here need it.

-----I have to say.... WOW! I made this in a few hours tonight and everyone seems to really like it... THANKS GUYS! I would like to help people out if I can. I'm dumbfounded... THANKS to everyone who has reviewed this and left praises... I will have to make another one now... lol.

Thanks again!


You Have Helped Me Loads!!

Now i have realised that flash isnt too hard lol.
My graphic quality and animation has inproved just because of a 2 minute video.


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it was ok, but; You should've gone a little more in depth. I'm not asking for you to go step by step actionscript and all. Just show a little detail how to stretch and skew or a little bit of effort on showing how you edited the timeline to move a different peice. A few screenshots and 5 more minutes aren't going to kill you. 5/5

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This is truly the best flash there is !

JackSmack, this truly will help others be better at flash, I wish you had made this flash earlier but I had to learn the hard way.
I think this is a good flash because it has some use to the community..

I hope you would make others soon . . . bye .

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Really nice but 1 question......

What program will you use to make animation O_o please tell it

good, but...

its good. i just wish i could do flash without paying money...

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Dec 5, 2004
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