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Only a little flash experience is required. This tutorial is packed with tons of mini tutorials built inside and is explained with easy to read and see pictures. Best Quality Highly Recomended. I like reviews


thanks chuck

this helped me so much
i owe u so much
now i can do some realy good flash work and not just some little crappy ones

redhammer01 responds:

Chuck? who's Chuck? Or am I missing somthing...


Wow, it would've been alright if that damn music wasn't always playing. It's so repetetive and annoying! I couldn't even finish reading it!

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redhammer01 responds:

There was a mute buton in the top right. But u dropped the score down too a two because of the music? Thats cold.

ok i guess

but i dont make flash movies so it was kinda boring. very informative though if i ever wanted to make one

Fine.. but there's one question.

How do you make a backround that stays the same? It just doesn't work for me! I try erasing on the main layer - not background - and it doesn't work! It just erases the background too! I'm doing frame-by-frame mostly I think, because I'm good at it and it just feels better to me. When I finally got it to work, the background layer replaced everything I had animaed into it before that! Aaaarg! So... how do you get backgrounds to work?

redhammer01 responds:

well. we could probable work this out better through email. email me at sharpshark28@yahoo.com and we can work it out. :-)

This was very informative

A nice piece of work, very informative, yes the music did get annoying but that is what the mute button is for (some ppl are stupid heads) i never knew about onion skinning and a couple of the other tools that are in flash till i saw this, nice, thanks, might use it in my flash movie, it would be cool if you could create one where it is fully actionscripting cause that is like so hard to work out sometimes, but there is the boring factor, and that would be pretty boring, ur choice, we could even work on a movie together if you would like, cause i just suck at animation, but am very good with drawing, just something to think about, if so email me or reply in a review.....

redhammer01 responds:

Im gonna email you soon so check your email. Anyway, thanks for the score. But I can't make a good actionscripting tutorial because thats my worst... (subject) you could say. id be happy to work with you on a project. check ur mail for more info

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Dec 4, 2004
4:09 PM EST
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