The New Punks

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It just seems strange that a lot of these little nobs who want to be original end up being carbon copies of each other. And clothing that claims to be 'anti establishment' costs about the same as any french designer label. This decade sucks! bring back the nineties! ok im done.


Beautiful thank you so much!

Finally someone actually brought it out in the open that punk has become such a giant fad now and isnt anything like it used to be. Thank you so much.


1976 england .... that was a good era...

i made the streets and it almost made me puke to see someone buying a 75$ The Exploited t-shirt.... god damn what are we gonna see next... richies becoming punks.... (Avril lavigne must die by the way)


pozers should die

You've got it there

Great that someone can express that thing so well... It pisses me off too! I hate those Avrils and Kelly O's.. Stupid wannabes who have been told that "punk is cool". I want the 90s back too.. Or 80s or 70s or anything!:D

Awsome man couldnt say it better me-self

I love love love to skate that the only reason i wear the clothes and they are cool and comftorable but i hate all these idiots who listen to emo and hardline and wat not and crap and they r like hell ya im so cool look at me be fake and listen to avril and simple plan and good charlotte and watever else crap is out there, if u like punk u gotta hear a song or 2 by ill scarllett( i forget how to spel scarllett lol) they are an underground band in canada and they are sic!!! neways ur awsome and i hope u right back...or watever.

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Dec 4, 2004
7:09 AM EST
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