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Pirate Poetry

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Author Comments

One word is sure to strike awe and fear in the hearts of all men: Pirates. However, were all pirates cold blooded pillagers, or was there something more hiding deep within? What if pirates wrote...... poetry..... in haiku form.

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friggin sweet

I thought they were very funny, and I really liked how the music changed when you clicked on the pirates. O, and also to DayTrippingAngel, there WAS 5 syllables in the accorian pirates final line, 1. Aye, 2. See, 3. How, 4. They, 5. Dance. count em, 5


that bomobed! u suck!


Look t' me like a pirate o' tha year compitition!


Cute idea, although not long enough to really knock your socks off. I did get a few chuckles out of it though, so good job!

Ook ook banana

That monkey is so cute! I love the idea and did an you amazing job on everything. The transitions were really cool with that blur. Also I loved the sound! You made that? You are very talented. I just wish there was a little more to do. Like if we could click on the stairs and go to the other side of the boat where there are more pirates or clickable items. I think that would be cool and you could get more out of this great idea you had. :)