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Took alot of time and effort. My only complaint is that it ends too short! It would be excellent frontpage material if yo just added a bit more of a story, and a bit more of a soundtrack. ^_^


very good use of sound fx in this movie. text readings.. but they were short. i like how well drawn you made the characters and they were animated well. You sure know how to frame by frame animate. it was a nice short movie about a student. This flash seemed a little confusing so i'm viewing a second time.

okay second viewing.. so the guy is planning attack and telling the galaxy soldiers of the future what to do. Very nicely animated. It's nice how you drawn a crowd to cheer for that one guy in the purple.
really nice flash movie.

jublin responds:

thanks a lot man, im glad you figured it out and im glad you watched it TWICE.

Erm what the fuck

I was looking forward to something so good after the promising visuals. I didnt get it at all. That chalkboard and the stick looked awesome though, but i still didn't get the entire piece. Despite the vagueness of this, I will be looking out for more!! Nice graphics.

jublin responds:

ya i dont know, hopefully with the other two it will become a bit clearer and more of a full story. but im not really sure what you were looking for.


it was ok, i dont get it though

jublin responds:

oh im sorry

none sense....

too short~~ and as we expected mroe END OF TRANSMISSION....WTF??? and i dont think they will still use human to go kill ppl in 20431....... but overall the graphic and the music..not bad

jublin responds:

what the hell are you saying? just kidding man. no seriously, i'm kidding about kidding. i don't know what you are saying.

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3.61 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2004
1:19 AM EST
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