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Here's some sort of interactive E-Card/Movie with a Brackenwood theme. I guess I don't need to tell people what Brackenwood is, if I do, well, just go to the link at the end of the movie and check it out for yourself !
So it's a holiday-themed tribute card.
Hope you can find all the Brackenwood allusions in there, feel free to review and tell me what you've found out. HIDDEN "easter egg".




it was alright. good graphics. i personally hate brakenwood stuff, i just definitely dont think prowlies at the river should be number 1. this also had nothing to do with the holidays except for the fact that it was santa, but it was just him waiting for a stupid book about brakenwood. so i based my score solely on graphics.

alexsmolik responds:

At least, you liked the graphics.
Well, it's up to you to like or dislike Brackenwood stuff, and people shouldn't judge you or anything based on these facts. It's your choice.
And about "Prowlies at the River shouldn't be #1"... it's your choice and opinion too. What else could I say hehe ?
My work is merely an entry for a contest held by Adam Phillips. I'm just trying to get him some exposure and everything.
I know the plot isn't totally "exceptional", but still, I think it is "ok". That being said, I hope you will see Brackenwood from another point of view in the future.
Get started on Flash, and you'll soon admire Adam Phillip's work... ;-)

Thanks for the review,

didnt get it.....

but good graphics an shit......got me looking forward to christmas.....

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks, glad you rather liked it.
Well, there isn't really any "sense" or something to get in it. It basically is something about Christmas. It's meant to be a little bit funny too.
Glad I got you in a Christmas mood =)
Thanks for the review.


i really liked this the graohics were good and it got me in the mood for christmas =) gd keep up the good work! whats up with the lll at the start and end of each of your movies? trademark?

alexsmolik responds:

Hey !
Thanks man, glad you rather like it.
I did put some efforts in the graphics for sure, and worked and reworked on it several times for long periods.
I'm happy it brought a Christmas mood to you, because after all, we're only 23 days from it ! Hehe.
And about the lll ... I don't know ... I don't know what you mean by "trademark", so I can't answer your question. But I'm going to tell you that it's just so people KNOW it's something from me. As in they browse through the portal and they see the "lll_movie_lll"... I want people to be like:"Oh, that's alexsmolik's movie". Hehe.

Thanks for the nice review.


very nice movie. i liked it. its not good enough to go on my favourites though.

keep it up! :D

alexsmolik responds:

Hey man !
Thanks, glad you rather liked it.
Well, I'm glad enough that you liked it, so I don't ask too much. I mean... adding this movie to your favourites ? It would be such an honor! But it really is up to you though.

Thanks for the motivating review.


Cute little pleace of work.. I pushed the picture in the background towards the end of the movie and nothing happened. I thought that was the hidden item?

I liked the refrences to brackenwood too, good job

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks, glad you rather liked it.
Well, at the end of the movie, when Santa is holding the book, you can see on the background a picture of a forest. You click on that and it will stop the movie. That being done, it will give you time to read the "secret sentences" written in Brackenwood's language (B525), using book colors. I do hope you understand. If you don't, join the forums, and ask. I'll be glad to help you there.
By the way, just press the chair and it will play again.

Thanks for the nice review.

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Dec 2, 2004
12:14 PM EST
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