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Kendo Rage Outtakes

rated 2.28 / 5 stars
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Dec 1, 2004 | 6:07 AM EST

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Author Comments

SNES Game Kendo Rage. EDIT: Ok, it seems that people are not getting the idea that this was my FIRST flash movie done months ago while I was still learning how to do it as I made it. It isn't brilliant, and isn't an epic, but I think it's not that bad either. There are tons and tons of sprite submissions (even ones featured in the collections section) that are much much worse and terrible than this. Compered to those this is a pretty good first submission and i stand by that. If you are going to review it and say that it sucks without giving a clear indication WHY, then don't bother to write one, as those are not constructive reviews and I will respond to each one the way i see fit. I'm a fair person, and I don't think this is really wonderful, or deserving of a 5, but i don't think it SUCKS.. and I think it deserves to be on here. nuff said.



Rated 5 / 5 stars




Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

not by any standard

I'm sorry man but that was pretty bad. It wasn't all that funny either. It lagged on and I was bored by the end waiting for the punch line that turned out not to be funny. The graphics were pretty horrible too. I mean if you're going to make a sprite film at least try to do something interesting with them instead of just having them move across the screen with the exact same backround. Also, that kendo chick or whatever she's supposed to be looked like she was river dancing or something when she ran. If you ever plan on making more flash, try to do a MUCH better job. Also, i know your replies to reviews get extremely long winded which makes me wonder if you put more effort into worrying about what people think than the actual project itself.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Cool breeze

Haha, that was cool.

Its ironic how small, not really popular cartoons are the ones who are actually funny, not the "top rated" ones.

The first few takes were okay, It didn't really amuse me, but when it got to Mario Cart Race, there I actually felt myself making a smile. The part where right when the girl is about to hit or whatever shes trying to do the stone, the Goomba then comes out of nowhere, still driving slow. And once it gets to the big green thing, I just make a little giggling noise.

Also, I didn't really give it a solid 9 because the take thing IS pretty unoriginal, even though its rarelly seen in flash, its still is, but hey, it made me laugh--so it works :)

its very nice man, I think you should consider making something knew cause I would be glad to watch it, and who knows, try a bit harder and you end up on front page :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I think i've actully played that game...

Wonderful first flash movie. I'm still in the process of learning how to flash myself. Your work shows alot of promice, The two zero's are just because their is no violence, nor interactivity. Over all that was a wonderful first peice of work, please continue.

KarmaX responds:

Well well well... As of this review, i've gotten 17 reviews so far.
five of those reviews have been an overall 7.
four of those reviews were 6's....
3 of them are 5 overall....

I've even gotten a 9 and an 8 in there....

Only 3 reviews out of the total 17 were bad reviews. And only one of those bad reviews was actualy constructive critisism. I receved a 1 from one person who at least had something decent to say about what I could do better next time.

Maybe this should have gotten and underdog award, eh? heh heh..... only 3 out of 17 reviews being less then a 5 overall? ^_-

....but seriously. I still find this work somewhat lacking, and with the movie i'm working on, it's already shaping up to be so much better then this. heh heh... While I very very VERY much appreciate the high marks this is being reviwed for (even if the actual portal review seems to be oddly low, considering that i'm getting decent reviews), there's a few points i'd like to continue to make. I submitted this movie to NG on a whim. I don't have this need to want to please the entire world. My movies are for people that enjoy them. I'm not trying to instantly gain fame or something by saying i'm trying to hang with all of the best flash artists on NG. Becuase I'm not the best. And i'm likely not going to be. But I try my best to make movies that fan of classic gamers can enjoy. If you like seeing video games being made into Flash movies that don't have tons of movies aleady done by everyone else, that are decent quality and not COMPLETE crap like many of those really bad mario movies in the collections section, then this is for you. Please keep that in mind when reviewing, and for the love of god, don't leave a dumbass review... Becuase I can mock people and point out how stupid they are. I'm fairly good at that, and i can and will do it. If your review is a negitive one, but consructive and you can explain yourself, i'll be more than glad to listen to your advice. But... if you want to be a dumbass and i will humiliate you. ^_-
Lastly, for all those people who think that sprite movies suck.... Yes, I know that actualy animated and hand drawn movies are usually better than Sprite movies. And if i wanted to, i'm sure i could totally do one of those awesome slick, hand animated dealies. I'm a good enough artist to do that. Maybe I will someday. But I got into flash animation BECUASE I wanted to do Sprite Animations based on video games i love. That's why i actually bought Flash MX in the first place. Becuase it's a hobby. Not to gain fame, and not to use sprites becuase they are "easy" or something. And thank you for seeing my potential. I hope that my other works from now on deliver the promise that this work begins to show.

Anyway, Ciao for the time being. And thanks for the decent reviews and constructive critiques.
- Karma


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Geez, I'm getting tired. It looked way too shabby, and it just wasn't all that funny (hard thing to say actually, because goombas normally make me giggle). The sound was half way decent atleast. You got a lot of hard work cut out for you if you want to hang with the big boys. Atleast you didn't resort to mind numbing fart jokes.

KarmaX responds:

Actually, i've been working tirelessly to improve a lot since this movie. (I was figuring out Flash MX WHILE making this very movie.) It may have been only recently submitted but it is actually almost a whole year old, now.

I realize it isn't very funny. and the animation was severely off. Consider this movie to be the "old crappy pilot episode" for what i'm working on, currently.

I really can do so much better than this, now... and this movie is kind of embarassing, when i take another look at it.

Anyway, rest assured that my future submissions are going to be much better than this.